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Numbers forwarded to any USA phone number including Skype or Email Forwarding.

We offer Geo-targeted phone numbers with custom area codes of your choose for FREE of charge and even better our Geo-targeted are now instantly delivered using our exclusive user portal.

*Our numbers are guaranteed to work: All orders will be delivered within 24 hours. 

How Does It Work


We Offer Top Quality Forwarded Phone Numbers used to create Phone Verified Accounts with a no questions asked 100% guarantee at Competitive Prices with Excellent Customer Service.

You no longer have to wait to receive your orders! We have released our exclusive user portal which provides instant delivery on ALL orders!

- Use these numbers to track your advertising campaigns, verify your accounts, or anything else you can imagine.


Contact Us 24/7   Email: voiceoverline@gmail.com

                            Skype ID: voiceoverlines


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